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Fantech Rn1

  • The Rn1 model is specially designed for applications where lower pressure and flow are needed.  Record low power consumption! Often used where there is good sub slab communication and lower radon levels.  This model is ideal for RRNC homes that use soil gas mats, have small footprints and relatively low radon levels.  Sometimes used in home without radon problems just for sub slab and and moisture removal.


    Quiet operation due to backward-inclined blades. Fan blades attached to rotating motor provide excellent motor heat dissipation, even at near zero RPM. Designed for operation in air stream temperatures up to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Ball bearings are sealed and have a specially developed lubricant. UL listed for outdoor use/wet locations (approval #E128817). Backed with a five-year factory warranty. Capable of moving over 90 cfm. UV resistant, UL Listed durable plastic.

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