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City of Calgary: Onward

Calgary is a city brimming with opportunities. With a strong economy and diverse industries, it offers a vibrant job market for professionals in various sectors. From its stunning natural beauty and outdoor activities to its inclusive community and cultural scene, Calgary provides an excellent quality of life. Discover the excitement of working in Calgary and explore the endless possibilities for professional growth and a fulfilling lifestyle.

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Changing the future of indoor air quality means thinking differently.

Looking for a rewarding career where you can make a meaningful impact? We're leaders in radon mitigation services, offering a collaborative work environment, cutting-edge technology, competitive compensation, and growth opportunities. Be part of our mission to create healthier indoor environments. Explore career opportunities with us today!

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Hybrid | Remote

Conducts radon testing, installs monitoring systems, analyzes results, and recommends mitigation measures. Educate clients about radon risks and collaborate with professionals to develop effective solutions. Attention to detail and technical expertise are essential.


Calgary, AB

Apply statistical analysis and data modelling techniques, identify patterns, trends, and insights to support evidence based decision making. 

Collaborate with the radon mitigation team to develop predictive models that assess the effectiveness of mitigation systems and forecast potential radon risks. Analyze historical data to identify areas for improvement, optimize mitigation strategies, and enhance the efficiency of the mitigation process.

Develop data driven tools and dashboards to monitor radon levels in real time, enabling proactive decision making and timely response to any deviations or anomalies. Assist in research and development efforts, exploring new technologies and methodologies to improve the accuracy and effectiveness of radon detection and mitigation.


Hybrid | Remote

Design and engineer radon mitigation solutions tailored to the unique characteristics of each property. Collaborate with the assessment team to analyze radon levels and develop mitigation strategies that comply with industry regulations and guidelines.


Develop detailed plans and specifications for radon mitigation systems, taking into consideration factors such as building structure, ventilation systems, and aesthetic requirements. Employ advanced design software and modeling techniques to optimize system performance and ensure efficient radon reduction.

Collaborate with suppliers and manufacturers to source high-quality components and materials for the mitigation systems. Stay updated with the latest industry advancements to incorporate innovative technologies into their designs, enhancing the overall effectiveness and reliability of the mitigation systems.

Work closely with other teams, including installation technicians and project managers, to ensure seamless execution of the designed solutions. Provide technical support, resolve design-related challenges, and ensure compliance with engineering standards and codes.

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